Therapy for Depression in San Jose, CA

Therapy for Depression in San Jose, CA

As a licensed psychologist, I am highly skilled at providing comprehensive and compassionate therapy for depression in San Jose, CA. I help people who feel hopeless, isolated, and not their usual selves because variations of the following thoughts enter their minds often:

  • I am worthless, and I cannot do anything about it.
  • I want to eat, sleep, and be alone, but I feel guilty feeling this way.
  • I do not like the person I have become.
  • I want to distance myself from others.
  • I am experiencing tremendous pain, but no one understands me.
  • I hate how my life and the world around me are getting dark, but I cannot change them.

Many of my clients appreciate my depression coaching since it helps them find relief from their intrusive thoughts. They discover that their struggles do not control them, as there are many ways to restore hope in their lives. In addition, they become empowered to address the biological, environmental, and circumstantial factors that trigger their mental health condition. Count on me to offer compassionate support and care so you can overcome this difficult time in your life.

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Do not let the social stigmas that come with being depressed hinder you from finding the help you need. Contact me to learn if my therapy for depression is a good fit for you. Always remember that you are never alone in your struggles, and there are people who can lighten your load.